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Can BIG girls pole dance..?

…That´s an interesting question. Let´s see…


We haven´t made up our mind yet..


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Male vs. Female…

Well, here we are comparing the male and female skills in sexy dancing… It took sometime to choose the examples of videos for this entry, but we had looooots of fun watching people showing off their sexy skills. 😉
Here is what we offer you to discuss with us!

For some strange reason female dance is more attractive to the eyes.. male.. is for sure interesting.. but there is a limit that some of them do not know how not to step over.. and then does not look masculine.. unfortunately.
For me, dance is best performed by women.. specially erotic-sexy dance.. but when it comes to partners, like salsa dance.. everything changes…
Enjoy videos and make your opinion..

So… here comes male sexy dancing…

And now female sexy dance skills…

I´m a woman, still prefer to watch ladies on the dancefloor! I guess it´s in our female nature to entertain eyes… 😉

Being a good dancer is not enough.. we´ve got to feel the music and express it with every move.. I agree with you Furious… and there is nothing that we are able to do against nature..

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